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Un colloque sur l’édition de documents libres et l’enseignement du droit

lundi 31 octobre 2005, par Stephane Cottin

(info Cédric Manara)

edit du 30 mars 2006 : voir sur le blog de Marlene son commentaire sur la manifestation


Lewis and Clark Law School 2006 Spring Symposium

Friday March 10, 2006

Scholarship and research reporting in the sciences and medicine has, in the last few years, been shifting to an open access approach. The combined power of the web, universal document formats (e.g., Adobe’s Public Document Format), and powerful search technology (e.g., Google), has fueled a dramatic expansion in this open access approach in just the last four years. The result is that the global interested public can find and use scholarship at a far lower cost, to a far greater degree, than ever before. Interestingly, the open access publishing model has not yet become as popular in legal scholarship as in other fields. Why has legal scholarship lagged in the open access publishing movement ? Should law schools, who do the most to fund both the production and publication of legal scholarship, push toward an open access publishing approach ? The papers presented will be published, under open access principles, in the Lewis & Clark Law Review.

On notera d’ailleurs que sur la page d’accueil de ladite revue, on trouve les mentions suivantes :

LCLR Adopts Open Access Principles On June 6, 2005, Lewis Clark Law Review adopted "open access" principles, which facilitates the sharing of scholarly knowledge. The review joined a number of leading journals in announcing its adoption of the principles. Learn more about open access.

Voir en ligne : Lewis and Clark Law School 2006 Spring Symposium, 10 mars 2006, Portland, Oregon, USA

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