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Quick list of French parliamentary papers’ series

mardi 5 septembre 2006, par Stephane Cottin

Some weeks ago, a colleague asked me if there is a formal way to citate French parliamentary documents (papers issued from both National Assembly and Senate).

I’m afraid there is no official form of citation for these kind of documents, but I was able at least to give him a rapid list of them :

- Projet (Bill written by the governement)
- Proposition (Bill written by a MP)
- Rapport (report by a parliamentary commission on a projet or a proposition)
- Rapport d’information (special report - mandatory)
- Rapport d’étude (special report - non mandatory)
- Rapport de commission d’enquête (special report of a non permanent Inquiry commission)
- Débats (Compte-Rendu) en séance publique (public debate, plenary session)
- Débats en commission (debate in non plenary session)
- Questions écrites (written adresses to the government)
- Questions orales (oral adresses to the govenrment)

And there is, for each of those above, one serie for the National Assembly, one other for the Senate

Since 1996, everything is published online on the both websites.

On paper :

- The projet, proposition and rapports are published on paper directly by the services of the Parliament (Senat Printing Service and Assembly Printing Service)

Beware : Senate renews its numeric serial to zero each year in October, so Projet, Proposition and Rapport have a numeric identifier that looks like n° 200 (2005-2006)

National Assembly goes to zero only by mandature, so, normally every five years. We are in 2006, in the XIIe legislature, so the number looks like n° 3000 (12e lég.)

- Debats and Questions are published by the Official Gazette (Journal officiel)

  • J.O. Déb. C.R. AN
  • J.O. Déb. C.R. Sén.
  • J.O. Déb. Q AN
  • J.O. Déb. Q Sén.

Where J.O. Déb. stands for Journal Officiel des Débats
C.R. = Compte Rendu (de la Séance et des questions orales)
Q = Questions (écrites)

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